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Aspire to deliver exceptional services and solutions through our people who value customers, deliver on our promises and commit to our core values



  • To  serve  and  to  protect  the  interest  of  our  clients/customers  through providing the best service available
  • To  achieve  excellence  in  providing  those  services  and  to  encourage  their  participation  through employing  the  ever  evolving  information  and  communication  technologies.
  • To  provide  both  the  private  and  public  sector  with  innovative  and  robust  solutions that exploit  the  potential  of  cutting-edge  Information  Technologies.  This  we  do  by  listening  closely  to  the needs  of  our  clients  as  they  deal  to  align  new  technologies  with  business  strategies.
  • To  provide  clients  with  high  quality,  appropriate,  total  Information  Technology  Solutions,  at cost-effective  rates,  in  time,  all  the  time  -  with  the  required  on-going  service  and  support. 
  • The hallmark of Ideasynergy Technologies Sdn Bhd is the delivery of exceptional services and solutions. This we do it by continuously stimulating awareness of total quality principles amongst our professional staff and embaracing changes, continuous improvement, diversity, technology and innovation; we strive to ensure the delivery of ultimate client satisfaction