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IST  is  leveraging  its  history  of  working  with  multiple  vendors  and  platforms  to  assess  the marketplace  and  select  best-in-class  technologies  for  itself  and  its  clients.  More  importantly, we  are  looking  towards  the  future  and identifying  specific  technologies  and  business  partners that will competitively differentiate our profiles.

  1. Data and Network Application Performance Monitoring
  2. Networking for LAN/WAN/WLAN
  3. Network Security Systems and Consulting
  4. Cabling Systems for LAN and WAN
  5. Access Systems - Card Access System, Door Monitoring System, Pedestrian Access System and System and Guard Tour
  6. Digital Surveilance System, CCTV Systems
  7. Public Address Systems
  8. SMATV Systems
  9. Audio Video Systems
  10. Conference Systems
  11. Fireman Intercom Systems