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  • IST is a registered and leading  IT  systems  provider,  known  for  providing  clients  with Enterprise  world-class  solutions  addressing  their  local  business  needs. IST  offers  state-of-the-art  technologies  including:  Portals  &  Enterprise Content Management  solutions, Archiving,  Document  Management  &  Workflow Automation  solutions,  Hospitals  Information solutions,  ERP,  Web  Design, E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management and training services.
  • IST  established  in  2013  as  a company that focuses on IT
  • As  the  market  evolved,  IST re-positioned  its  portfolio  offerings  and  re-structured  the organization  to  focus  on  application  solutions.  In 2014,  it  began  to offer  implementation  and consultation  services  for : Security and Networks Solution, Software Development, Solution for Test System, Data Analysis and consultation.
  • With  its  growing  focus  on  implementing  application  solutions,  IST  has  built  a  dedicated team  of  highly  skilled  professionals  and  a  set  of  operational competencies  that  form  the underpinnings  of  its  competitive  advantage. Today, we envision IST as  the  preferred local system integrator and application solutions provider for major market sectors such as Government, Government Linked Companies (GLC), Semi Government, Local Government, Educational, Commercial, Banking and Real Estates.